Women in Dancehall Music who I hope Tek It To Dem in 2010

I know that I speak on behalf of most women (not girls) who listen to dancehall music. We can’t dance to it! It’s nice to dance to a music tempo at 96 bpm, but you lose most of us when the tempo is 120+bpm. Sometimes women want to dance to a tempo where a man can wrap their arms around our bodies & wine a little. I find it very amusing when I see a bunch of men standing in a circle dancing for each other.

Also, where are the anthems that celebrate us as women? I’m so tired of hearing about how long your cocky is. Be more creative!! Oh & by the way , MALE ARTISTS we got the memo, you’re not homosexual so can you please shut up about it already Mr. Kartel, Mavado, & the rest of you lot!!

My opinion of the current state of dancehall music is that most of it is crap. It sounds more like hip-hop than dancehall. I knew dancehall was in trouble a few months back when my brother who is an avid listener of Hip-Hop & R&B started to request certain dancehall songs from me.

I really think women need to take charge of Dancehall Music. Like Dancehall artist Konshens says in his new album “Bring back the ol time Reggae, di party time Reggae." Here's my list of female artists in no particular order who I hope & pray Tek It To Dem in 2010: Tifa, Timberlee, Natalee Storm, Cecile, & Tanya Stephens HELP!!!!!!

Tifa: Has really surprised me recently with her versatility, the girl can actually sing. Her voice is raw, it reminds me a lot of Dr. Dre’s artist Truth Hurts. I wish she would do a Soca song though. I think she would mash up the Brass Fest Riddim bad

Timberlee: What can I say, I’m still not tired of hearing “Bubble Like Soup” lol!

Natalie Storm: From what I’ve heard & read she’s definitely going in the right direction by not limiting herself to just one genre of music. I love her Cheez Trix Riddim.
Tek it to dem in 2010 & onward ladies!

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