A message to my fellow club patrons & promoters

I am Disappointed yet (not surprised) by Saturday night’s turn of events at the grand reopening of the club. I’m especially disappointed at the lack of respect that my fellow club patrons/promoters showed their own colleague(s). Now to be fair I didn’t attend the event, and I am so glad I didn’t leave the warm comfort of my home to waste my time to observe the fuckery that took place Saturday night. Now I ask why? Why did it happen? Would this have occurred at any other venue? NO! This shit needs to stop! Enough is enough! I hope the owner(s) of the club looks into banning certain people for an extended length of time from the venue. Honestly people, what happened Saturday night was unprofessional, tacky, and downright embarrassing. Let me guess, it was probably behind some woman, or some “he said, she said” fuckery. I thought we were all adults. I find it pathetic that this shit keeps occurring and it’s the same people involved. I think the promoters and club owners should address this issue head on. I don’t like the uncomfortable feeling as a patron that at any given moment “Jack” who is vexed with “John” are standing on opposite ends of the club, and at any moment someone will look at the other person the wrong way and a big fight will occur. Some people on this club scene seriously need to be humbled. With that said, if you take issue with me speaking the truth then it’s your conscious beating you and YOU are part of the problem.

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Comment by Stefhen Bryan on January 4, 2010 at 4:50pm
so what happened?


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